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a website of Daily Diversions. Created out of desperation and boredom. After being put on furlough, you naturally find yourself…bored.

Each day, we will create new content as your daily diversions.

This includes:

  • Fun things to do while staying safe at home
  • Lists of recommended things Smiley face podcasts, books, articles, movies
  • Behavioural Science phenomenon of the day
  • The wonderful world of how humans behave
  • General thoughts... perhaps even a rant
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the year is 2020. The world, and everyone inhabiting its space, is slightly confused. Strange things are happening, and everyday the world feels more uncertain than the day before. A team of behavioural scientists find themselves with a bit more free time than they would have liked.

The year started off with growing tensions between the US and Iran, Australia wildfires, and the death of the legend Kobe Bryant. And of course, the Coronavirus.

Because of what is called the Optimism Bias, we see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Although we know and understand that bad things happen, we never think that they will happen to us. Not us. Tragedies hit other people. We will be ok..

And yes, we will be ok eventually. But the reality is, bad things sometimes do happen to us. This global pandemic hasn't just affected the healthcare system - it's also massively affecting the global economy. As a result of a global lockdown, many of us find ourselves working from home, doing our best to keep things going. For others, like our heroes at this time of crisis, they find themselves working harder than ever - our healthcare workers, volunteers, supermarket/grocery store colleagues, delivery drivers, and others I may have missed. And still for some others, working is no longer an option.

The furlough crew and I found ourselves in an unfamiliar situation. A furlough fun, some might say. We realise this is a unique situation, one that might not come again for a while. The news was a bit of a shock, but after we took some time to collect our thoughts, we realised that we could use this time to pursue the things we always wanted to pursue, and never had the time for. Learn new skills, create things, have a bit of fun, and think outside the box. Create a bucket list of things to do in a lockdown, and do them all (or at least, attempt to do them all).