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the world of podcasts is wonderful. I’m someone who has always enjoyed listening to the radio. Hearing stories and conversations on the radio has always felt like a treat - getting to know how other people think, talk, and see the world. Not just that though. There’s something about voices that I find just so relaxing and soothing (some more than others, perhaps. My top two favourite voices: Roman Mars & Krista Tippett. You’re welcome).

I think most of the time I gravitate towards interview/conversation-type podcasts. It’s always nice to also listen to an interview with someone you don’t know, because you almost always end up learning something new, and you also get to discover new people, with unique interests you might not be exposed to otherwise. It gives you different perspectives, I guess. Then you also have podcasts with narratives and a storytelling feel, that immerse you into someone else’s life.

The absence of work commute and travel as a result of the lockdown has kind of reduced my podcast consumption, because this was what I had my ears in during work commute and travels. Now that I’m not doing that anymore, I realise I haven’t been listening to podcasts as much. So for today’s daily diversion idea, I thought this would be a nice one.

I love finding out new interesting podcasts, so thought you might enjoy a list of interesting podcasts too.

For an interview/conversation-style podcast:

For a documentary-style podcast:

For a journalistic-type podcast:

For a story-type podcast:

And for all the Behavioural Science nerds out there, I’ve got extra stuff for you:

Hopefully there’s something for everyone in that list. It’s quite a long one, so it should keep you busy for a while. And when you’re out of things to do again.. come back for Daily Diversion #8 for another idea #shamelessplug 😉