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one good thing about being in lockdown is that you can go for a run and dance outside (for a good while) before you see another person.

If I think about the lockdown too much, my head starts to hurt and freak out about not knowing when all this will end. So I find that it’s best to distract myself by keeping busy and staying active. If you’ve read my second newsletter then you’ll know that I’ve decided to make running a regular thing in my life (if you’re not subscribed and don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read that here. You can sign up for the newsletter below for some reading materials for when you’re bored and have nothing better to do). That’s exactly what I did last Saturday, I went for a run.

I can’t say that I enjoyed every single second of that run, but I do have to admit that the post-run feeling was great. I was pretty proud of myself for having completed the first task of the Couch to 5K programme, and maybe it was a combination of that and the warm weather, and the song I was listening to, but I kind of felt this weird need to just start dancing around in the middle of nowhere (where nobody could see me, because I still have a sense of pride).

So I did. Then I realised how much I’d missed dancing. I used to dance quite a bit when I was younger. It was fun. And then I’m not sure what happened - I guess life took over. But the need to move never left. I think this is why I’m so drawn to yoga - moving your body fluidly sends you into a trance. No thoughts, just movement. It feels so liberating, especially at a time where we’re constantly reminded of the confusing state of the world, which can cause a lot of anxiety. I think what made it more fun, though, is doing it outside. All the space and the sunshine, having an entire road all to yourself, it feels so good. It feels like complete freedom amidst all the restrictions.

Dancing outside might be a bit of a stretch to a lot of you, but maybe just put on some good music, and dance your heart out in your bedroom. See how that makes you feel 😊