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this feels like a long time coming. Also, it feels like everyone and their mother are doing this already. Makes you wonder, maybe post-lockdown people are just going be extra fit. I don’t know.

All of that aside, I think it might genuinely be one of those unexpected positive consequences of lockdown. As people rack their brains to find the next challenge, exercising has definitely gained some traction. I feel like everywhere I look, I see people running.

It’s true for me, at least. At the beginning of lockdown, I thought I would challenge myself to start running. Now you have to understand, I hated running with a passion. I’m just not a cardio person. I didn’t run, and it had always been like that. I’d do anything else, just not run. I mean, I did try! I’d just get so out of breath. But every time I did get over being out of breath, my knee would also give in. It felt like there was no point. I knew it was supposed to be good for me blablabla, but just didn’t feel like it was for me.

But then I decided to give it another shot. I’d been told that there was this thing called ‘Couch to 5K’. I thought, no way I would ever get to 5K. I couldn’t even run for 3 minutes straight without huffing and puffing. But I downloaded the app against my better judgment (or worse judgment maybe in this case). The program felt gentle, though. It’s a 9-week long program, and the intensity increases each week. The session is broken up into short runs and walks. They definitely know how to ease you into it - when I first started, I thought the app felt very motivating and the micro goals of each session felt achievable. I couldn’t run for 3 minutes straight, but I could run for a minute and had a 90s walk break. That was achievable.

If I’m being honest though, I think it was the voice of Michael Johnson that really kept me going hehehe. He has the best, most encouraging voice. Ah who am I kidding. He has a sexy voice.

All jokes aside though, I just finished the first run of week 9 (the last week!). And I think I’d met my goal of running 5k - I incentivised myself by making Whole Foods the end destination. I’m pleased to report that it worked!!! I ran for a little bit over 5k, from home to Whole Foods!!! Rewarded myself with snacks. Didn’t get too much because my wallet wasn’t very happy with me. But I think Johnson would be proud.

I’m still not sure if I’m ever going to stop feeling the pre-run dread. It’s almost like it doesn’t matter how much I enjoy the post-run feeling, I always forget about it and my default pre-run is to whine and not want to do it. I don’t really know if there’s a cure for this, other than to just suck it up and do it.

But other than that, I would highly recommend Couch to 5K! It really does make your goals feel achievable. Plus, you get a bonus of having a coach being all encouraging in your ears.

The day I’m writing this is the day I’m supposed to go for another run. Already feeling the dread coming, but I feel like now that I’ve written this post I will have to do it and not complain lol.

Wish me luck - and good luck to you if you do decide to try this out!