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this one is one of those nice little pick me ups that is surprisingly really easy to make. Now I think it’s important to preface this by saying that I do drink a lot of coffee, but I am an absolute noob when it comes to coffee jargons and different flavours and finishes and textures and all that fancy stuff that coffee snobs love :)

It’s getting warm here in the UK (though I realise saying it out loud might jinx it), and as I continue to require my daily dose of caffeine, the thought of a cold brew just sounded ideal.

So the quest for the best cold brew recipe began!

…and it only took about 5 minutes until we found the easiest recipe.


Go to your kitchen now and mix 2/3 cup of coffee beans, which makes about 3/4 cup of coarsely-ground coffee, with about 6 cups of water, or about the size of a big mason jar. Give it a bit of a shake, and put it in the fridge. Leave it overnight, or longer for a stronger flavour, and voila! You’ve made yourself a nice cold brew.

Important note: before you serve it, make sure to plunge it in a cafetiere first.

Honestly, it tastes so delicious and makes you think why would I pay £5 a cup for this if I can make it at home (because you’re lazy maybe Jess, and can’t always be bothered).

But it’s lockdown season and we gotta keep ourselves entertained right? Give this a try and let me know what you think!