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what did you do today?
Today is a work day. I’ve been brought back from furlough, and we’re now doing 4 days a week. It’s been nice so far, we have a mix of busy days and not-so-busy days. I’d say it’s a good balance. There’s been lots of staring at the screen today, and preparing for a presentation. Also tried to do a bit of writing and journalling (to officially launch this lockdown journal project!).

The Artist’s Way arrived. If you’re not sure what that is, check out my latest newsletter here. As the geek and weirdo that I am, I got super excited by the smell of the book and the feel of the paper (told you, weird). But most importantly, can’t wait to start reading the book and be like Elizabeth Gilbert. Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to write a book after I finish reading this.

Did you think about something or someone you hadn’t in a while?
I thought about my parents (not that I hadn’t thought about them in a while! Promise I do think about them hehehe) The theme of this morning’s meeting was on happiness and who’s made you happy during quarantine. I thought about my parents and the videos they’ve been sending - of my dad shaving his head. Cute.

Did you have a meaningful interaction with someone (or was it just meaningless zoom faff)?
A great quiz planning session. Excited about hosting the quiz on Thursday, but not going to lie, these quizzes are relentless. Also made a thank you card that put a smile on the recipient’s face (I think? I hope it wasn’t a fake or forced smile 😛).

Did anything interesting happen?
The Artist’s Way arrived! I know I’ve mentioned it in one of the questions, but it just looks so fresh and shiny (and the pages smell so good, I can’t help it).

Did you learn something new about yourself?
That I am a freak. Why do I love smelling books so much?

How do you feel about lockdown today?
Okay I think. I’m not sure, really. Had a conversation about what my plans are for the coming month. It’s May already, and I can’t really predict what’s going to happen. It has made me realise how resilient we are as a species because now lockdown kind of feels like the new normal, which is why I’m having trouble imagining what life after lockdown is going to be like. But at the same time, it also makes you think that based on how (relatively) quickly we adjusted to this situation, it’s very likely that we might also readjust fairly quickly to life post-lockdown, and move on and perhaps even forget about everything that we learned during this lockdown?

Additional comments?
I made honey/water ice cubes today. Not sure if it’s going to work, will report back.