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what did you do today?
Went for a walk to the park early morning and bumped into my year 7 maths teacher and her dog. Had a nice chat, then came back to speak to a friend on Zoom, before having two bacon and egg bagels for lunch. Then went for a long walk in the forest, bought some haribo and a pot noodle as a throwback to being a 12 year old kid, ate them outside in the garden, followed by a hot bath.

Did you think about something or someone you hadn’t in a while?
Everything I used to do as a kid on summer holidays around this area - including my paper round and the man who ran it. He looked (looks?) suspiciously like Fagin.

Did you have a meaningful interaction with someone?
My old maths teacher - was sad to hear that unfortunately she’s got cancer, but is still running (which is her favourite sport) and was great to see how excited she was to see what I was up to now. Also funny she didn’t recognise me at all despite the fact I probably haven’t grown since then either.

Did anything interesting happen?
Got sent these journal prompts.

Did you learn something new about yourself?
I love fresh turmeric - gives me loads of energy.

How do you feel about lockdown today?
I felt good. It’s been quite chilled compared to normal London life, but would like to see friends properly!

Additional comments
Found out the Bourne Stores don’t sell Refreshers any more. This thoroughly disappointed my inner child.