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what did you do today?
I started my day off with a run, did some meditation, had to do some work, did my laundry, cleaned up the flat and that’s pretty much it for now! I think I’ve been more productive than I ever have in my life because of lockdown so I’m feeling pretty good about things.

Did you think about something or someone you hadn’t in a while?
Not really, just focusing on the present :)

Did you have a meaningful interaction with someone (or was it just meaningless zoom faff)?

Did anything interesting happen?
Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal day.

Did you learn something new about yourself?
I think I’m less scared of spiders now after having sucked up two spiders using a vacuum during lockdown so far. I hope they don’t crawl back out haha.

How do you feel about lockdown today?
Honestly I feel pretty good about lockdown right now. I found it quite difficult at the beginning and really let myself go. But once I started attending these daily meditation sessions hosted by my friend Ique, I feel it’s really influenced my life in a positive way, where I’m slowly doing things to make my life better - like just this week I’ve started running after having not exercised in years and it feels really good :)

In the past I’ve always characterised myself as lazy in an ironic way. Like I would always joke about how exercise isn’t really for me, that waking up early wasn’t really my thing, etc. I think in a way I used humour as a way to justify or to deflect the negative parts of being lazy. But I think lockdown has really exacerbated those habits and made me realise the not so funny bits that come with being lazy. Physically, I felt that I had gained a lot of weight and felt quite weak and tired during the day, and mentally it made me feel really negatively towards myself.

Attending these daily meditations has slowly changed my life habits. Directly, I feel less anxious and stressful, I feel that I’m able to focus more on the present. Indirectly, I think it’s really influenced me to change small things in my life or to try new things which have impacted my life in a positive way, like being open to exercising! Hopefully it’s something I can keep up :)

Additional comments?
I think that’s all, thanks for coming to my TED talk haha.