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what did you do today?
Finished one book and started another. The one I put down was Michael Pollan’s ‘How to change your mind’ - a deep dive into the often misunderstood world of psychedelics. Pollan is an immersive journalist, type of writer who while writing a book about architecture builds his own house and when writing a book about food lives with his own cows for a year. You can probably imagine what he does in preparation for his latest book. The latter chapters about psychedelic treatment to addiction and depression are particularly interesting.

The book I picked up is ‘Dark lies the island’ by Irish writer Kevin Barry. The back of the book promises me a collection of short stories about: disco at the end of the world, a teenage goth on a terror mission, scouse real-ale enthusiasts, and occult weirdness in the woods. I’m only one story one but so good so far.

Did you think about something or someone you hadn’t in a while?
A friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years. They would always announce (refreshingly) how much they didn’t know. That they were by no means an expert in anything. That they’d struggle to even pick a ‘mastermind topic’. Wise words, especially in a time when we are suddenly experts in epidemiology, the economy, and behavioural fatigue.

Did you have a meaningful interaction with someone (or was it just meaningless zoom faff)?
I’ve been Netflix partying (watching films with friends online), which usually ends up being a chaotic yet fun mess. Meaningful? Probably not but I wouldn’t say completely meaningless.

Did anything interesting happen?
The sun in Ireland continued to shine. This amount of good weather is highly abnormal. More suspicious than anything else.

Did you learn something new about yourself?
I find I don’t miss the pub as much as I thought I would. There seems little point to getting pissed over zoom. This feels like the easiest time I’ll ever have to not drink in excess - so therefore I haven’t.

How do you feel about lockdown today?
I feel future-oriented. It’s a nice form of present-escapism. People have started to talk about after - what they’ll do when everything finally settles down. And I don’t blame them - it seems like an eternity. It feels so long ago that the virus was a small afterthought of a news item, hidden away behind articles on Brexit, the US election and the Premier League. It feels a long time ago that I casually dismissed the outbreak in China with “well, that would never happen here”. Now I’ve allowed my mind to wander back to a covid-free world. Planning future holidays in my head being the funnest of these mental activities - a 5 day road-trip around the Scottish Highlands? Yes please!