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it’s been just over a month now since the government told us to stay at home. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite hard to find the perfect word to describe the sentiment of this situation, and to describe how I feel about it all. It feels like everything happened so suddenly, and escalated so quickly. The whole thing is so unprecedented that I feel I lack the framework to comprehend what’s going on now and what will happen next.

Being in lockdown and isolated is not completely new to humankind, I suppose, but how often does it really happen? And how crazy has this year been? I’m not here to talk statistics, I’m just trying to make sense of everything, perhaps like you are too - of how strange everything has been, but how at the same time, we as a species have shown how resilient and adaptable we are. And again, how often does this happen?

Frank Chimero wrote a nice piece about being in an incubation period and how “being in the incubator denies you your life for a time but can give back a different perspective”.

The days seem to go by really fast, and maybe it’s because I’m trying my best to keep busy and find new things to do (things that I suppose I would not normally do), or maybe it’s because I can’t help but try to create, and settle into a new routine. But this feels like a significant, defining period, and that as much as I hate that this is happening and affecting so many people, it’s also something that I don’t want to forget, because we have so much to learn from this. Just like what Frank said, this is the moment that can give us a different perspective.

So for today’s idea, I propose that we all write a journal. Maybe it doesn’t have to be everyday, but I think it would be nice to record this period of our lives, so we can remember this period, and remember how it made us feel. How it made us more appreciative of the things we used to take for granted, more appreciative of the healthcare workers, and of all the key workers. How it made us remember to check in on our friends and family, to take care of each other, and to connect with each other. Because we adapt, and when things get better and we’re out of lockdown, I’d hate to think that we’d all just revert back to our old ways of living and forget about this new perspective.

So maybe, if we write a journal and record this period of our lives, it can help us be more grateful later?

Just a thought :)