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in the age of selfies and Instagram, and high-resolution cameras on our phones, taking pictures doesn’t sound like an activity we need reminding of. If anything, it feels like sometimes we forget to actually take a second to enjoy where we are, what we’re doing, and who we’re with. But I do wonder if that’s actually due to our obsession of impressing others, rather than a healthy desire to remember moments dear to our hearts.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound all philosophical (and pretentious). I think my point is simply that I often take pictures because I subconsciously think about impressing other people and getting ‘likes’. When really, if I really think about it, the beauty of taking pictures is the act of documenting moments that you’ll want to remember 10, 20, 50 years from now.

If you read my Write a Journal entry, then you’ll know where I’m going with this. This isn’t the best moment in the history of humankind, but there is definitely a lot to learn from this period. A lot of us, if not all of us, have found ourselves in unfamiliar situations. How we’re adapting to this hasn’t ceased to amaze me. Is this the new normal?

But if we are adaptable creatures, then it probably means when all of this is over, we’ll probably forget the intricate details of our experiences during this lockdown. And if we forget, then how do we share what we learned from this to the future generation? Or, if that sounds too pretentious (again), we can at least use these pictures just to remember our past self, and how we dealt with weird things and uncertainties.

I’ve been taking more pictures since the lockdown. Silly ones, though. Not highly crafted images. But pictures of me, and the people I’m with, going about our days. Sometimes doing silly things, sometimes just doing normal daily activities. The key, though, is to capture raw moments so in the future, we can have something to look back on, and maybe have a laugh.

Have fun!