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as enjoyable as going for a long walk is, I must admit, I can sometimes be quite resistant to the idea of moving (typical. I am so lazy). It’s mostly my inner bitch talking whenever I’m feeling like this. But once you’re doing it, it can be really nice and even feel meditative.

I think what’s really interesting about this whole pandemic situation (I think I managed to avoid using the word pandemic up until this point!) is that we now really appreciate the ability to go out and be free to move. And one thing that I’ve found useful whenever I’m feeling a little down, or stressed out, is just to go for a little wander. Though again, this is always tricky because whenever I’m feeling like that I almost always instantly just want to curl up into a little ball and just do nothing - even though I know that every time I manage to get my ass out the door I always feel better. It’s quite helpful to leave whatever stressful situation you’re in and have a bit of fresh air.

I went for a little wander yesterday, in search for this monument that commemorates the guy who translated the Bible from Greek into English. I think you’d normally be able to go up to the top but obviously because social distancing is in place, we weren’t able to do that. It was situated on top of this hill, at the Cotswold edge, and the view was absolutely spectacular. You can see Wales from the top of this hill, which is quite something.

It kind of makes you think about how small you are - in a good way. I think these are the things that help you put stuff into perspective. This was the extent of my pondering/reflecting though, because apparently I get quite grumpy when I’m hungry and cold, so after about 5-10 minutes of ooh-ing and aah-ing, and some pictures, we turned around and headed back (to the kitchen).

As part of your daily exercise, why not go for a long walk and just…….take in the view, wherever you are. Maybe even leave that rectangle electronic thing behind. You know what I’m talking about, the one that lights up when you touch and tap 😉

Have fun!