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apologies if the title is slightly misleading. I got carried away and was quite pleased with how it turned out. It says wanderlust - but this isn’t really about travelling. This is.. mostly about going on a little wander.

It truly is strange how gradual changes can be. Day to day, nothing changes, but if you look back to 4 months ago, we suddenly notice how different life was then.

It seems like a lot of people have enjoyed the slower pace of life. It feels like people have also become a lot more creative in terms of how they spend their free time. I personally feel like I have pushed myself to explore new things because, well, there hasn’t been much else to do.

One of the big things on the list was to be more physically active and to be stronger. One of the biggest changes was to actually take up running - something I had struggled with for ages.

Anyway, to cut a long story short - this has become a nice little routine. Not the beginning bit, where I feel an intense feeling of dread pre-run, but the running itself (and only when it starts getting enjoyable - the beginning is still so painful lol - so maybe about halfway into it), and the feeling you get after.

I’ve also discovered how powerful chocolate and ice cream and yogurt can be as an incentive. Basically, I’ve discovered that the trick for getting me motivated enough to run 5k, is to challenge myself to run to Whole Foods. It’s a nice little treat, which really can’t happen very often because it’s not good for my wallet.

This kind of A to B run though, has been really enjoyable because it gives you a nice and long cool down afterward as you walk back home. I find that I’ve been able to see more of London and discover obscure places, and see them from a different perspective. It’s a nice way to disconnect from the Internet and the world of screens too. And to have a conversation with somebody. I think we’re often so distracted by social media and the apps on our phones that we’re almost never 100% there. I think personally, I have found this really helpful to just be a bit more present (I know I know I sound very 2020, soz). As someone who gets distracted pretty easily, I think it’s quite nice to just focus on one thing and be in the moment, instead of constantly getting sidetracked by irrelevant stuff. I think what also makes it that much more enjoyable is the post-run high that you get - everything just feels a lot more magnified (especially after indulging in much-deserved fancy snacks lol).

That’s my plan for this afternoon. Let’s just hope that the dread doesn’t get to me. Give this a try and do share your experience! :)